Blood & Biscotti

Fundamentally, B & B are both children of Rock 'n' Roll, but the repertoire of original songs they've cooked up together combines a variety of musical flavors, from folk to rock, from ballads to blues. The 'meat of their musical stew' is the solid backbeat of rock and roll. Add equal measures of jazz and pop, season the mix with a touch of Cajun spice and a dash of Bluegrass, and lace the whole concoction with a wee dram of the Celtic.

"Frankly, neither of us could survive on a diet of any one particular musical recipe so we just call our tunes 'Northwest Originals!'" -Dr. Biscotti

Blood & Biscotti
Bruce Blood  &  Bill "Dr. Biscotti" Scott

Bruce Blood

Bruce Blood   A veteran of many Northwest bands (Bad Sneakers, Dos Pesos, and Bentwood Rockers to name a few), Bruce Blood is a Puget Sound Guitar Workshop board member and habitual “guitar camper,” and a charter member of the Guitar Outlaws.
   Web Manager of the City of Seattle's award-winning site by day, and a songwriter for most of his life, Bruce has recently channeled his computer expertise into the field of digital recording. He promises that his long-awaited debut album, featuring his family (they work cheap!) and a host of musical friends, is nearing completion and will definitely be released sometime this millenium.
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Dr. Biscotti

Dr. Biscotti   William Scott, PhD, a philosopher by academic training and professor of foolery in actual practice, is also an actor and musician. He plays guitar (a Guild G-37, mostly), and sings his own “home-baked songs” as singer/songwriter Dr. Biscotti.
   “I’ve performed in almost every ‘cafegymnatorium’ in the Washington State school system, not to mention a whole bunch of clubs, fairs, restaurants, casinos and community centers. Almost any space can be transformed into a stage, but it takes an audience to bring a show to life.”
   A member of Actors' Equity Association since 1989, William Scott has worked in theatre in the Northwest and beyond for over thirty years. Bill especially enjoys doing role-playing work for doctors, lawyers, police and business organizations, and his characters and narrations appear in regional hospital and industrial films and videos.

A shared history...

Bruce and Bill come from the same neighborhood in the Northwest Washington town of Bellingham and have been sharing music for more years than they can count on all of their fingers and toes combined! After years of pursuing their songwriting independently, they now collaborate as writers as well as performers.

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